День шведского права в России

On 15 December 2020, the SAA and the SCC are co-organising the third annual Swedish Law Day in Russia. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s event will be digital, enabling participants to easily join from all over the world. The event aims to build on and expand the ties between the Swedish and Russian legal community by creating a platform for the open exchange of ideas and experiences.
Sweden is recognised globally for its neutrality and transparency and its consistent adherence to the rule of law. Swedish law provides a neutral, predictable, and cost-effective foundation for international trade and commerce. For this reason, Russian parties consistently choose Swedish law to govern their international contracts. Because so many Russia-related contracts have been governed by Swedish law, many Russian legal practitioners are familiar with Swedish law and have developed ties with their Swedish counterparts.
The third annual Swedish Law Day is co-organised by the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA) and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). The agenda features renowned legal practitioners from both Sweden and Russia, including Alexander Muranov, Anders Reldén, Cecilia Möller Norsted, Fredrik Ringquist, Ginta Ahrel, Johan Sidklev, Kaj Hobér, Natalia Petrik, Olena Perepelynska, Roman Zykov, Shirin Saif. The event will cover several interesting topics—“Covid-19: tips and tricks for upholding (or getting out of) a Swedish law contract”, “A highlight of recent disputes under Swedish law involving Russian parties”, “Recent important Supreme Court decisions”, and a panel will discuss the effects of Covid-19 on the Swedish-Russian legal community and what the future holds. This year we will also feature Brian Kotick and Joel Dahlquist of the podcast “The Arbitration Station” as guest interviewers of leading arbitrator and former Chairman of the SCC, Professor Dr. Kaj Hobér. The interview will offer a rare glimpse into Professor Hobér’s long-lasting and enduring relationship with Russia as well as professional and personal anecdotes from his impressive career.
Due to its digital format, we will offer smaller break-out rooms for discussions and “mingling” during the break.


Opening remarks by Johan Sidklev

The effects of Covid-19 on the Swedish-Russian legal community and what the future holds
A debate on the lessons of pandemic
Moderator: Ginta Ahrel, Westerberg and Partners, Stockholm
Anders Reldèn, White & Case, Stockholm
Johan Sidklev, Roschier, Stockholm
Natalia Petrik, SCC, Stockholm
Roman Zykov, Mansors, Moscow

Updates from Sweden and Russia
  • Covid-19: tips and tricks for upholding (or getting out of) a Swedish law contract
  • A highlight or recent disputes under Swedish law involving Russian parties
  • Recent important Supreme Court decisions
  • An enforcement update from Russia
Moderator: Tatiana Mikhaleva, Mannheimer Swartling, Moscow
Fredrik Ringquist, Mannheimer Swartling, Moscow
Shirin Saif, Roschier, Stockholm
Alexander Muranov, Muranov, Chernyakov and Partners, Moscow
Cecilia Möller Norsted, Vinge, Stockholm


Interview with an arbitrator
A live interview with Kaj Hobér, conducted by Brian Kotick and Joel Dahlquist from the Arbitration Station