Mansors successfully represented a Dutch defendant in the Russian State Arbitrazh Court of Saint Petersburg.

A leading Russian auto dealer, initiated proceedings against our client in the State Arbitrazh Court of Saint Petersburg. Mansors represented the defendant, a Dutch trading company of equipment for transportation, construction and earthmoving: bulldozers, trucks, cranes, excavators, loaders, road rollers, forklifts and other. The claimant alleged that the Dutch company breached its payment obligations under the contract for the supply of trucks. Cliamant's contention was based on a contract, correspondence, transportation and customs documentation.

Our line of defense included lis pendens, invalidity of the dispute resolution clause, estoppel and other arguments.
In the course of proceedings we achieved to convince the court that it lacked jurisdiction to try the case. As the result, the State Arbitrazh Court of Saint Petersburg dismissed the claim and terminated the proceedings.