• Russia takes over Danone and Carlsberg assets
Vladimir Putin has signed a decree stating that the Russian government will temporarily seize control of Danone Russia and Carlsberg’s local brewer, Baltika. With the decree, foreign-owned shares of Danone Russia and Baltika Breweries were placed under the control of Russian property agency Rosimushchestvo.
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  • Gazprombank sued Mechel for RUB 11.9 billion
The Moscow Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court upheld a lawsuit of Gazprombank to Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, which is part of Mechel group, recovering USD 244.2 million (USD 154.8 million of principal debt and USD 89.4 million of interest). The loan agreement, which became the reason for the lawsuit, was concluded in 2010 between Mechel and the French bank BNP Paribas, the funds were aimed for the construction of a universal rail and beam mill at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (CHMK).
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  • Sanctioned Abramovich files lawsuit at EU general court
Roman Abramovich has filed a lawsuit at the EU's general court against the European Union Council, which imposed sanctions as part of measures targeting Russia and President Vladimir Putin's close allies. The EU in March included the Russian oligarch on its list of individuals targeted with frozen assets and travel bans.
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  • IKEA may pay RUB 2 billion for the refusal to build a MEGA shopping center in St. Petersburg
Ingka Centers Russia, which manages the chain of shopping and entertainment centers MEGA, may pay more than RUB 2 billion for the refusal to implement one of the planned projects. The Northern Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration filed a lawsuit against the developer. The Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region will consider a claim against Ingka Centers Rus Property on 17 August 2023 follows from the court docket for commercial cases. Representatives of the parties did not comment on the information about the case being prepared.
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  • Ruskhimalliance filed lawsuits against Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank
RusChemAlliance (RCA), a joint venture of Gazprom and RusGazDobycha, one of the operators for construction of the ethane gas processing complex in Ust-Luga, has filed claims for more than RUB 31 billion against major German banks, according to arbitration court file.
A claim for RUB 22.223 billion has been filed against Deutsche Bank AG with Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. It was registered on 27 June 2023.
A claim for RUB 8.726 billion was filed against Commerzbank AG on June 29.
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  • Russian Court Adds RUB 4 Billion Fine to Google
The Magistrate Court of the Presnensky district of Moscow fined Google for more than RUB 4 billion due to non-payment of a fine previously imposed by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).
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  • Moscow court grants anti-suit injunction against Airbus
The Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of Moscow City has issued an anti-arbitration injunction concerning an ongoing ICC arbitration seated in Paris involving Aviacapital-service and Airbus.
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  • EU adopts 11th package of sanctions against Russia
The package introduces a new anti-circumvention tool that allows the EU to restrict the sale, supply, transfer or export of specified sanctioned goods and technology to certain third countries whose jurisdictions are considered to be at continued and particularly high risk of circumvention.
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  • Russian Government approved a list of information disclosed by issuing companies
The Government has defined a list of corporate information that stock market participants still may not disclose in order to protect against possible restrictive measures.
The list includes information on the composition of the management and control bodies for the financial and economic activities of issuers; information on affiliated persons and subsidiaries, financial investments, transactions in foreign currency, transactions, including data that such transactions have not been made; information on the segments of the issuer's activities in terms of information on the provision of them services, manufactured products, the purchase of goods, the performance of certain works, contractors, their industry and geographical structure.
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  • HKIAC Releases Statistics for 2022
In 2022, there was a total of 515 matters submitted to HKIAC. HKIAC received 344 arbitration filings, which is the highest number received in over a decade.
For the remaining cases, 161 were domain name disputes and 10 were mediations. Of the 344 arbitrations, 256 were administered by HKIAC. The total amount in dispute across all arbitrations was HK$43.1 billion (approximately US$5.5 billion).
Parties from 30 jurisdictions were involved in the domain name disputes submitted to HKIAC in 2022. Russia is in the top ten geographical origins or nationalities of these parties and shares 9th place with Australia.
HKIAC appointed 159 arbitrators in 2022.
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  • More than 2,100 cases resolved and enforced by the Astana International Financial Centre’s (AIFC) Court and International Arbitration Centre
By 7 June 2023 the AIFC Court and IAC had completed and enforced 2,174 cases, including 64 AIFC Court Judgments, 415 arbitration awards, and 1,695 mediation settlements.
The highest value claimed in a case was USD 330 million and the majority of the cases involved claims in the multi millions of USD. 48% of the cases involved a foreign / non-Kazakh investor with business in Kazakhstan and case Parties came from 23 countries including most Eurasian countries and other key Kazakhstan key trading partners such as China, UAE, and India.
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  • The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR has published guides on «Effective Conflict Management» and «Facilitating Settlement in International Arbitration»
The Guide on Effective Conflict Management focuses on providing some tools that might be useful in reaching a settlement before arbitration proceedings and reducing costs for the disputes that could not be avoided. The Guide is divided into two main parts (i) proactive approach (actions before conflicts emerge), and (ii) reactive (ICC’s services) and how to use them appropriate.
The Guide on Facilitating Settlement in International Arbitration provides steps that should be done to facilitate the settlement of disputes including case management techniques, mediation windows, preliminary views and settlement conferences.