Roman Zykov is listed among the leading practitioners working in Russia and CIS by The Legal 500 in the Arbitration Powerlist: CIS & Caucasus 2020.

For 33 years, The Legal 500 has been analysing the capabilities of law firms and sets across the world. In the research team, we constantly track which sections are used most by clients, and this often matches up with an increase in that section from submissions, client referees, requests for interviews and feedback – all of which make up the research process. The international arbitration rankings are consistently one of our most used and read editorial sections and one of the most competitive areas for law firms, sets, lawyers and barristers. This very much chimes with what we constantly hear anecdotally in the market, with international arbitration frequently cited as the preferred form of dispute resolution.

The Arbitration Powerlist: CIS & Caucasus showcases the leading practitioners working in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Moldova. It is a region unfamiliar to many outsiders, and we hope the following guide will provide an insight into an often opaque disputes market.

The region’s largest legal market, Russia, has seen a period of rapid change. Firstly, the retreat of several international firms from the market has left a vacuum to be filled by new domestic boutiques and expanded disputes offerings among full-service firms.

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