Arbitration in CIS Countries: the Same as Everywhere? Current Issues. Association for International Arbitration
This book analyzes and discusses the current trend of arbitral practice in CIS countries and deals in detail with various facets which promote and inhibit arbitration. The text has been authored by highly proficient arbitration professionals who address the intricacies associated with arbitration practice in CIS countries. It considers the general policy of CIS countries towards arbitration by providing recommendations to non-CIS parties choosing arbitration in CIS countries and paying special attention to the general policy towards arbitration in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Further, the book focuses on specific issues in arbitration in CIS countries, namely arbitrability of corporate and real estate disputes, bribery, and arbitration in Russia; interim measures at the stage of recognition and enforcement of international arbitral awards in Ukraine; and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards annulled in the forum state (with reference to Russia).

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